Our Mission & Our Vision


Empowering street children and young adults by using charity as a forefront to speak the message of hope.


To reach out to as many lives as we can within the period and hours, we can to leave them better than we met them.


  • We are guided by Truthfulness and Legality as we maintain honesty in all dealing with stakeholders, donors, project beneficiaries, partner organization, government and the public at large while fulfilling our obligations under the law.
  • We uphold hard work, teamwork and cooperation at all levels towards achieving a better world.
  • We champion responsibility, service and public mindedness to achieve sustainable progress, self-development and service to the public.
  • We sustain a firm principle of Transparency and Accountability internally, towards donors and member of the public.
  • We recognize that all people are born free and equal in dignity which influences our sensitivity to human dignified rights.
  • We strengthen cooperation beyond boundaries as we maintain ethical, cooperative relationships with the government and the public at large within the limits of our organizing documents and individuals that share commonly in our values and objectives.