Voice to the street 1.0  Ebute-Meta Project

Project Summary

In 2016 we visited the slums of Ebute Meta in Lagos State. Ebute Meta is a water logged location, with lots of children prevented from going to school by the outright instructions of their parents or the unfortunate conditions of their parents and environment. During the course of the project we pulled up to 500 children. We spoke to them in little groups on the essentials of a bright future only obtainable from quality education whether vocational training or a formal education. We enquired reasons for their incapacitated educational conditions and spoke with their parents in a counselling session on the need to release their children to go school. We had sorts of material donations from our esteemed sponsors and contributors in display and distributed same to the community indigenes. We also had a cloth drive where clothing materials were on display and distributed.

Project Gallery

VTS 1.0 Counseling Session
VTS 1.0 Cloth Drive
VTS 1.0 Other Pictures

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