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Who we are?

“Voice to the Street” charity organization is a project for the cause of street children empowerment, who for reasons of Poverty, Ignorance, Absentee parents, distorted belief and perceptions, and other times sheer irresponsibility and misplaced priorities have decided to take to the streets as homes and imbibed all its vices as practices. They have discarded all hopes for education and peradventure hopes to succeed in a decent way. Just because we can not sit back and watch these children end up on the street, we take positive steps to make sure that street children are empowered through education, being attached to an educational institution whether formal or informal.

We hold project events on a yearly basis at different project communities where we form partnerships with stakeholders in the proposed project such as community heads/ chiefs, community schools, the children and parents in the communities, several NGOs with similar directions, volunteers, religious leaders, several donors, sponsors and partners.

The sole aim of this organization is to get street children off the street and make them empowered through quality education. Voice to the Street organizes counselling sessions with Children and Parents separately to inquire into the reasons why these street children not enrolled in an educational facility whether formal or informal. We work closely with stakeholders to see how effectively an outcome can kick start for positive impact. A strong follow up is then put in place to monitor the growth of these children.


We also make sure to provide material support to meet the immediate needs of these children, we provide material donations such as clothing materials, food supplies, school supplies etc. This is achieved through a cloth drive we host every year. We have skill acquisition trainings and entrepreneurship mentorship and financing.


Voice to the Street was created as a result of a need to fill a societal lacuna within the Nigeria under-developed communities which is the gap between society development and that of the futures of tomorrow present in such communities, inadequate provision in terms of financial equipment, formal educational or vocational facilities to cater for the educational needs of these street children to become viable representation within the polity. It prepares youth for the challenges to come, having them fully empowered through education in which sense to think only logical and intelligent solutions to problems instead of the tactics imbibed on the street and allow them to participate effectively in nation building and world growth and development.


We speak our voice of kindness in many languages to meet the needs of these children. In this quest, we will aim to live a life worthy of Love and be remembered by our simple act we may consider insignificantly little but great to the Almighty.

Projects in View

Children Empowered

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We are with a MISSION of empowerment of these children and young adults, using charity as a forefront to speak the message of Hope.

And a focused VISION to reach out to as many lives as we can within the period and hours, we can leave them better than we met them.

Our Team

Eedee-Bari Nuah Bawoh


Legborsi Sirah Bawoh